Integrates equipment data measurement, sensors and machinery of production


Devices that reduce scrap.

Control devices

(Hardware and software development for the industri)

Control devices

These devices are embedded or cyber physical systems that adapt to the specific needs of the industry, use the signals emitted by sensors to activate or deactivate relays, in a process digitally monitored hardware and software, custom configurable, generating valuable information that Can deliver to different databases for ERP, analytical software, to make the best decisions and get the best results in different stages of production.

Automation in label printing, screwing, weight, volume, image, opening and closing processes. We use the installed base (of fieldbus); Sensors, PLCs, control centers to generate signals to the device that can be designed as quality control, such as pokayoke, as an auditor.

Decrease scrap, improve your quality control, generate valuable information from your production with automated reports and sent by email.