Our consultancy consists in 3 steps

We consult information systems and suggest the best technologies in hardware and software with a short and medium term strategy.

System analysis

We review the current system state and we analyze the growth prospects and the market environment in which it is developed.


We design the strategy according to the previous analysis and the investment capabilities for the strategy that allow the best cost of ownership of the system.

Proposal delivery

We present two o three proposals to choose the most convincing and the best fit the budget.



Strategy and planning

The strategic planning is carried out at the organizational level, it means that, is considered a global approach to the company, so it is based on general objectives and strategies, as well as strategic plans, which affect a variety of activities, but they seem simple and generic.


Design and development

Consist in a planification (scheduled and responsible dates ) of the realization of design stages, including the indentification of the enter elements, the reviews to do of every design stage, the verification, and the design validation.

  • Develop solutions
  • Develop options
  • Customer proposal
  • Planning the implementation of measures
  • 03

    Test and delivery

    Determine the test services applicable to each delivery and function of the project typology.
    Release the delivery request in the tool of service management.


    Auto evaluation

    Is the stage of preparation of the impact assessment that, as has been proposed, must be carried out together with the design of the training intervention. At this point is necessary define the basic questions of the impact assessment, the chain of results and the indicators to be used.