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We join your projects of IT from the origin or the stage that requires the greatest care, We take it hand in hand in the implemetantion of hardware and software technologies. We make sure, that the entire project is successful, with the best cost of ownership and the best solutions according to the area of work.

Our advice in hardware focus on the desk tasks, in the servers area and the infrastructure according to the needs of your company.

Our advice in software we focus mainly on the use of free software, except in the specialized areas that require proprietary operating systems.

Technical support and advice

IT Staff

The analysis of the personnel in the departments IT, as a service leads us to evaluate the available staff, the productivity and how it works their processes: as a result of this evaluation an internal and external IT service culture is obtained, creating suitable profiles for recruitment and tangible benefits in the company.

Projects IT

Project management allows us to create a defined strategy to achieve successful and adequate implementations of IT services, which integrate the administrative, accounting and technical functions as main actors, ensuring the monitoring and fulfillment of the required goals.

Analysis IT

The IT analysis allows us to make an evaluation of the company, the use they give to their infrastructure for both hardware and software, to be able to visualize the current state and if these resources respond effectively to the needs they have, Giving support and a guide of the improvements that can be made.

30 years of experience